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I’ve work with Jim both as a consultant and team member over the last three years. Jim has the rare combination of sales, consulting and domain experience unrivaled in CPG. His deep industry expertise enabled Sentrana to develop highly relevant solutions for Foodservice distributors and manufacturers.

Jim easily translates a Foodservice customer’s needs into solution requirements for the Modeling and Engineering teams, and more importantly, is able to provide Sentrana’s Foodservice clients a sense of security and confidence given his extensive experience.

Chris Ritchie

Business Process Improvement, AVP

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the best people in the technology industry and Jim is at the top of the list. We’ve worked together at multiple companies and he combines unmatched insight into the distribution and foodservice industries and a deep ‘rolodex’ of executive contacts with a powerful mix of sales, marketing and consulting experience. That combination allows him to engage and build a large customer base, revenue stream and strong market position faster than anyone I have ever worked with.
John Keenan

Chief Sales Officer, Modo Payments

I know Jim to be a deep thinker into industry issues, and in particular has made himself an expert in trade management issues. His real world experience and outlook, combined with a creative approach to trade investment, makes Jim the go-to person for manufacturers looking to improve their ROI in this critical area.
Taylor Crown

Sales + Service Transformation Executive , Accenture

Jim has a very good sense for the industry’s trade management issues, and a great handle on best practices.
Dennis Noce

Category Director, Shrimp, King & Prince Seafood

I have worked with Jim for over 3 years. During those years, I have had an opportunity to work directly with Jim on a variety of Foodservice groups, Industry forums, and advancing Foodservice Trade Promotion Management related to processes, practices and technology. Jim has proven himself to have an insight to the industry that many don’t have, and can communicate very complicated technology issues in a simplistic format easy to understand. I endorse Jim for consulting work in both technical and non-technical formats. His vision for the industry is both insightful and forward thinking.
Michael Kantor

CEO & Founder, The Promotion Optimization Institute, LLC

Over the last five years, it has been my good fortune to have had the opportunity to work with Jim Klass directly on trade projects, in addition to receiving his trade surveys/studies–his work has always been of the highest caliber. What has impressed me, and sets Jim apart from other consultants, is the fact he has spent over 30 years in the industry and has both a passion and strong fundamental understanding of how the foodservice industry works. Jim has also been able to present the overarching strategies around effective trade management and then pull together a tactical and practical plan for implementation. His contemporary approach, coupled with his deep knowledge of both operators, distributors, and manufacturers allows him to deliver plans that are rooted in today’s business realities and truly drive performance for a manufacturer’s trade budget.
Steve Scales

Vice President Global Bakery, Corbion Caravan


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